Partner® Dictionary for Windows® installation:

    To install your Partner® Dictionary on your desktop PC, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose the dictionary you want to install from the list and click on the respective link (SFX- archive is available).

  2. The "File Download" window displays. Choose the "Save this program to disk" option and press "OK" button.

  3. The "Save As" window displays. Choose the folder where you want to save the dictionary and press "Save" button.

  4. The download process window displays. When download is complete press "Open Folder" button.

  5. Extract downloaded *.exe archive - pick it out and press "Enter".

  6. Run "Setup.exe" file in the extracted dictionary folder and then press "OK", to initiate installation of your Partner® Voice Translator.

  7. Then follow the instructions of installation master.

  8. When all of the necessary components have been installed, click on "Finish" and, if necessary, restart the computer.

  9. Now you may start up the dictionary using the corresponding shortcut, for example, Start-> Programs-> Ectaco-> Language Teacher 98 Eng-Ara.
  • NOTE: if you are using the demo version of the program, only one topic will be accessible. To have access to all its full functionality you should download full version of Partner® Dictionary. To obtain it you should purchase license for Partner® Dictionary use at Ectaco Web site.

  • If you have enough free memory on your PC, you can download and install all the dictionaries from the list. If you do not need all the dictionaries together, install only those you need. You will be able to install remaining dictionaries when necessary.

  • If you have any problems using this software please send your comments or questions to us at Please indicate the software version and your device model.