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Ectaco Universal Translator for Android

Ectaco Universal Translator for Android

Price: $99.95

Bid your price!

Download Time: 37.48 min at 56k
Platform: Android OS
Type: Dictionary
Language pairs: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, Persian(Farsi), French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Croatian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese, English, Hebrew, Finnish, Japanese, Malay, Tagalog(Filipino), Korean, Dutch, Hindi, Estonian, Latin, Thai, Chinese-Simplified, Norwegian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Danish, Armenian, Azeri, Indonesian, Achinese, Afrikaans, Akan, Alabama, Aymara, Balinese, Bari, Bashkir, Basque, Batak, Bikol, Breton, Buginese, Buriat, Catalan, Cebuano, Chechen, Choctaw, Chorti, Chuang, Chukchi, Chuvash, Creole, Crimean, Dakota, Dungan, Dyerma, Efik, Erzya, Esperanto, Evenki, Ewe, Fang, Faroese, Fijian, Foochow, Frisian, Fulani, Gagauz, Galician, Gan, Ganda, Guarani, Hainanese, Hausa, Hiligaynon, Hmong, Hunanese, Zulu, Georgian, Icelandic, Igbo, Ilocano, Javanese
Translation: Multilingual

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NO NEED FOR AN INTERNET CONNECTION - the entire app comes pre-loaded with everything you need for translation.

Here is the brand new Universal Translator 183 (UT183) for your Android device!

Imagine being able to translate between 183 different languages instantly; that's exactly what the new UT183 does.

From Zulu to Urdu or Latvian to Yao, get bidirectional translations you never thought were imaginable!

The following languages are supported and can be cross-translated between: Achinese, Afrikaans, Akan, Alabama, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Aymara, Azeri, Balinese, Bari, Bashkir, Basque, Batak, Belarusian, Bikol, Breton, Buginese, Bulgarian, Buryat, Catalan, Cebuano, Chechen, Chinese Mandarin, Choctaw, Chorti, Chuang, Chukchi, Chuvash, Creole, Crimean, Croatian, Czech, Dakota, Danish, Dungan, Dutch, Dyerma (Zarma), Efik (Ibibio), English, Erzya, Esperanto, Estonian, Evenki, Ewe, Faeroese, Fang , Farsi, Fijian, Finnish, Foochow, French, Frisian, Fulani, Gagauz, Galician, Gan, Ganda, Georgian, German, Greek, Guarani, Hainanese (Min Nan), Hausa, Hebrew, Hiligaynon (Ilonggo), Hindi, Hmong, Hunanese (Xiang), Hungarian, Icelandic, Igbo, Ilocano, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Javanese, Kalenjin, Kamba, Kaqchikel, Karaim, Karakalpak, Karen, Kashubian, Kazakh, Khakas, Khanty, Kikuyu (Gikuyu), Kinyarwanda, Kisii (Gusii), Komi, Korean, Koryak, Krymchak, Kumyk, Kurdish, Kyrghiz, Latin, Latvian, Lingala, Lithuanian, Lombard, Luo (Dholuo), Maasai, Macedonian, Madurese, Makassar, Malay, Maltese, Manado, Mansi, Maori, Mapudungun, Mari, Medanese, Minangkabau, Moksha, Mongolian, Nanai, Navajo, Ndebele, Ninglish, Nivkh, Norwegian, Nyanja (Chichewa), Ojibwa, Panay, Papiamento, Polish, Portuguese, Provencal, Quechua, Romanian, Romansh, Runasimi, Rundi, Russian, Samoan, Sango, Sara, Scots, Sepedi, Serbian, Shona, Sichuanese, Sidamo, Silesian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Sotho, Spanish, Sundanese, Swahili, Swati, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Tajik, Tatar, Teochew, Teso, Thai, Tonga, Tsonga, Tswana, Tumbuka, Turkish, Turkmen, Uighur, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Venda, Vietnamese, Winnebago, Wolof, Xhosa, Yakut, Yao, Yolngu, Yucatec, Zulu.

Truevoice and TTS are available for a select amount of languages including but not limited to: Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese Mandarin, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi (Persian), Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.



Application Specifications

System requirements:

Android 2.2 and higher

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