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11 Languages In The Palm Of Your Hand

It’s a Small World After All

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11 Languages In The Palm Of Your Hand
Speaking one or two foreign languages is already an accomplishment to be proud of but how many of us can boast of speaking 11? The answer is, not many. Except, of course, those lucky or smart enough to have the Lingvo Talking Travel Dictionary Multilingual (ML-11) for Pocket PC installed on their handheld device. Designed to let anyone communicate in 11 of the world’s most popular languages, the instant bilingual translations between English and Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish you can now get on your Pocket PC anytime, anywhere, make the world your playground or boardroom just as surely as they ensure complete understanding no matter what the circumstance. With advanced TTS voice output, fast and accurate search functions and some of the most complete databases around, you will never be stuck for something to say ever again – no matter where you go!

It’s a Small World After All

Anyone who has ever tried to learn a second language, communicate with foreign business partners or traveled abroad for a special holiday and come up against the language barrier will rejoice at the announcement of a new website that has just been launched to help anyone get the most out of another language. is the latest brainchild from the award-wining ECTACO team, developers of translation systems for government and international business, and promises to make communicating in a foreign language second nature for millions of people worldwide. Part of a campaign to make global understanding a part of everyone’s daily experience, the new site went live on 5 February, just in time to give users a head start on preparation for end of year exams, plan for upcoming holidays, or increase business prospects by adding a foreign language to their set of deal-making tools.

Providing access to services, products and communities where knowledge, experience and support go hand-in-hand, is the first Internet portal dedicated to anything and everything connected with human language. Featuring thousands of applications for more than 40 of the world’s most popular languages lets anyone master a second, third or even fourth language – all without any previous experience or special knowledge.

In addition to software solutions from the industry’s most respected developers for some of the most challenging language related tasks, also provides access to unique utilities that let users understand and be understood in any situation and forums where community members can exchange information and tips. Designed to be a one-stop destination and information clearinghouse, the new site is set to bring about a revolution in international communication, in the process bringing people closer together and building new bridges.

Join in the revolution today and take the first step toward complete knowledge of your world and the success that is sure to follow by visiting

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